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About BRV

My name is Jamal Warner. With the help of my wife, Danitza, we started BRV as a small video/photo production company based out of Northern Virginia.

We work in small teams with other creatives like script writers, graphic designers, motion graphics experts and more to create content for entrepreneurs and small business.

So where did all the dogs come from? Well, most of our business is done via word of mouth. The clients that hire us, have seen our work already from whomever referred them. We wanted to keep creating even during our down time so we thought we start creating our own, unfiltered content on something that we can’t get enough of. As dog lovers, it was a no brainer.

We were constantly buying gear, and searching for content to help us and our furry counterparts make things a bit easier. We felt that there was space out there for some high quality reviews, tutorials and more. So we jumped in.

So take some time and browse around. I hope you can maybe learn something or find some helpful information. And if not, at least you got to see a bunch of cool pups.