We truly believe that everyone has a unique story, therefore, should be captured in a way to tell a one-of-a-kind story. We value quality work, as we firmly believe that you can only truly relive those precious moments with a perfect blend of visual storytelling.



We are husband and wife team located in Northern Virginia. We have two young children(6 and 6 months) and two fur babies. We enjoy the outdoors and are usual camping or mountain biking in our free time. We've done work all around the mid-atlantic region for all types of companies.

For years, we made videos just for ourselves and strictly out of a passion for filmmaking and a love for the technologies that are used to create visual stories. One day in 2014 our work was recognized by one of the organizers of an event we attend annually(Dirt Rag Magazine's Dirt Fest). The next year they asked us to film one of their events in an official capacity(People's Choice Art Festival of Central PA). We had so much fun doing it, that it hardly felt like work. Amazed that we could actually earn income while having fun, we decided to pursue more opportunities.

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BRV has given us the ability to create our own future, spend more time and go on more adventures with our kids. We're always looking for oppotunities to travel. We're looking to grow our company and take on bigger and bigger projects in the future.

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