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Nacoco Rain Jacket

Nacoco Rain Jacket


The Nacoco Rain Jacket is a very good cheap and quick (Amazon same day available) option for quick walks in the rain with your dog. It’s not an athletic fit as it’s more of cover than a jacket, but it will take care of you on those days when you pup doesn’t want to go outside to do their business in the rain.


The Review

Have you ever woken up, notice that it’s pouring outside and just dread having to take your dog out? Not because you hate the rain, but because Fido hates the rain. Some dogs prefer to just hold it in and wait for a better time to go out, which usually results in accidents inside the house. We don’t like going out in the rain without a jacket and neither do our dogs.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried dog apparel over and over with very little success. For me, dog clothes never really fits properly or the piece I want just doesn’t come in a large enough size. Well, the Nacoco solves a few of these problems.

Effectiveness: The jacket comes in 5 sizes ranging from Medium to XXXL. So your teacup and toy breeds will have to look elsewhere. But don’t worry, there is no shortage of tiny dogs clothes on the web. For your larger breeds, this solves a huge problem. In the past I’ve struggled to find dog clothes to fit around my larger Doberman’s chest. He’s about 110 pounds so with a 0348752573 sized chest. We measured Brutus with a soft tape measure to get that 435724903 inch number. According to the size chart on Amazon’s description, he should be in a XXL. I’m glad to report that those sizes are accurate. Upon the initial fitting, we thought it was way too big. But shortly thereafter we realized that the large fit was a design choice to cover the sides and the tail of your dog. The attached drawstring hood does a fairly decent job of providing some extra coverage around the head and neck area. To help keep the jacket in place, there is a single chest strap in addition to two elastic bands that go around the rear legs to keep the tail end of the jacket from falling off. While I find that is a super clever idea for the tail end, I’m a bit concerned on the longevity of the cheapo elastic material with a simple stitch to hold it onto the jacket. Time will tell.

The jacket is made from a very familiar raincoat material. Similar to a heavy rubberized raincoat, it is made out of a poly-blend technical weave, which holds up extremely well to water. The parts of your dog that this coat will cover will remain completely dry. What the material lacks in flexibility, it makes up in durability and true waterproofing capabilities. The design of this jacket, fits more like a cover than a jacket, so I wouldn’t go for a very spirited run in this. It is designed more for a casual walk in the rain. Running wild would cause the single chest strap to reach it’s limit and come undone and the jacket to be dragging on the crowd. But before that even happens, your dog’s underbelly will be completely drenched since there is no coverage there.

Price: Not much to say on the price point here. It’s priced at just under $25 so it’s a very reasonable price for what you’re getting.

Eas of Use: This jacket is super easy to put on and remove. That single chest strap is thing, easy to grab hold of and the loop that it goes through is very sturdy and easy to locate. The elastic for the hind legs are very stretchy and can be situated into place with your dog still standing. Though it might compromise some of it’s effectiveness, this simple and almost minimalist design choice makes it extremely easy to use.

Support: Product support for this item is almost none existent. There is no company website so you must rely strictly on Amazon’s return policy. Luckily their return policy is amazing but as far as Nacoco’s customer support, it’s non-existent. I’m assuming it’s a foreign company due to all of the typos and mispellings on the product page of Amazon. But this is also what allows it to have such a low entry price.

Final Thoughts

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